Mihabeten – sculptures by artist Nirit Levav Pecker in Warehouse 2

“Mihabeten” an exceptional sculpture installation by multidisciplinary artist Nirit Levav Pecker, will open on 28 September at the Jaffa Port. At the heart of the exhibit, which will occupy approximately 500 square meters will be life-size sculptures of pregnant women, primarily made out of metal (parts of motorcycles and cars) as well as coils, branches, etc.

The sculptures, which were created from scrap collected by the artist, demonstrates her ability to humanize hard, cold metal, making it softer and more delicate. She incorporates them with her full femininity (mother of four sons, former designer of bridal gowns, delicates and lingerie) alongside her masculinity – work with metal, welding and cutting, heavy weight lifting, diving into scrap bins, etc.

The Mihabeten installation also reflects Levav’s unceasing renewal: displayed around the statutes of women will be pieces that paved her way as a designer and artist: the dog series UNCHAINED, created from recycled bicycle chains that earned Levav international acclaim, jars, dresses made of various materials such as branches, metals, keys, bulbs, etc.

Curator: Galit Semel


Weekdays: 10:30-13:00, 17:30-21:00

Friday and holiday eves: 10:30-13:00


Entry fee: NIS 5


28.09.17 - 28.10.17
Opening Hours:
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