Longboards Arts Project – new exhibition at MIXTURE


Longboards Arts Project – an original Longboards exhibition that incorporates contemporary art and design, will open at the MIXTURE gallery on 3.10 in the Jaffa Port, housed in an ancient building on the shoreline, in the northern section of the port.

Designer and project leader: Barak Rom.

The exhibition examines the Longboard as a tool for expression in urban space, facilitating unique and individual expression of the personality of its rider and artist.

“The Longboard is an efficient and popular urban transportation device in major world cities. It is a sane alternative to the skateboard. In other words, it is ideal for adults who have still not grown up…”

“The Boards are a tool for radical expression of daring, talented artists and designers from Israel and around the world who come from a diverse range of vocations: street art, illustration and comics, painting, photography, sculpture, silversmith and tattoos, creating new connections between art and street culture, rhythm, sound and adrenaline.

The foundations of radical self-expression, which borrows from the ten principles of the Burning Man art festival, represents the DNA of this project. “Radical self-expression is derived from the individual’s uniqueness. A person himself, and other than the group with whom he collaborates, cannot determine the content of self-expression.

The works were designed under cultural influences and inspiration such as ancient culture, incorporating totemistic motifs, Aztec art, geometry, science fiction movies from the 1950s, comics, animals, etc.

The creative process for the works are completely meticulous and manual, with no digital/ machine intervention. Every work has a unique shape that is never repeated.

Among the participants: Marian Bo, Felix Holfman (Berlin), Kokie Ariel, Sarah Lee (Berlin), Ori Fink, Eliaz Salonim, Hila Kinan, Eyal Eliezer, Gal Gi, Shai Ziv and Dan Lior, Kamil Frankovitch (Berlin), Hannah Zhong (Berlin), Pesh (Lior Bentov), Lihi Jacob (Berlin), Eyal Eliezer, Sarah Lee (Berlin), Roy Idan, Becky Ivan Le Ahad (Berlin), Roni Michael

“The works will be placed for sale to interested buyers, aficionados of art, design and street culture, and will facilitate the promotion of young artists and designers, along veteran artists.



Space serves as a gallery for contemporary art that displays concept exhibitions, and local as well as international artists.

The Company also specializes in initiating and developing contemporary and international projects, serving as a creative greenhouse that adopts innovative and multidisciplinary perspective, and content that incorporates modern art and design.

The gallery was established by Limor Margolis and Ellie Sahar.

For more information about the gallery site: www.mixture.co.il

Haaliyah Hashniya 20 pier, Jaffa Port (Fibco Building at the Port)

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