Illustration Week 2017

Illustration Week returns to Tel-Aviv / Jaffa for the fourth time as part of the “Love Art. Illustrate” by the Tel-Aviv / Jaffa Municipality’s Art Department and sponsored by Portfolio Magazine. The Jaffa Port will hose three of the most prominent exhibitions of the week.

Metzitim: Illustrating the Israeli Family

Warehouse 2, The Bars Space

Curators: Gil Reuter and Ehud Raz in conjunction with Xnet.

The graphic intervention of illustrators in photos of private interior spaces that were planned and designed by leading architects and interior designers and published on Xnet. The illustrators were required to illustrate a family situation, that another layer to the photo and some information that it received about the family, in order to create and display the fascinating encounter between the world of architecture / interior design and the world of illustration, and to examine the gap between reality and fantasy.

Participants: Aviel Basil, Eliran Harosh, Osnat Feitelson, Yonatan Popper, Yossi Lagziel, Lee Dror, Lihi Yaakov, Moran Barak, Nadav Yahel, Noam Weiner, Anat Pri Tal, Kostia Premiakov, Racheli Shalev, Sagi Eshin, Shahar Kober, Shira Barzilai, Tahel Maor, Tamar Dovrat.

Opening: Thursday, 16.11, 19:00

Hours Sunday-Wednesday 11:00-18:00, Thursday 11:00-19:00

Friday: 10:00-15:00; Saturday 10:00-16:00


Warehouse 2, Theater Gallery, Jaffa Port

In an individual exhibition, Niv Tishbi displays a large-scale installation with body parts that were removed from any use and organized into a non-self-contained system. The new body of works, which was created especially for the space and occupied 500 square meters, explores the emotional state between vitality and decay. Tisbi examines the transitions between creation and disassembly, in a space maintained by a repetitive mechanism that moves between action and suspension.

The exhibition is supported by Moetzet Hapayis for Culture and Art, Mifal Hapayis.

Opening event: Thursday 16.11, 20:00

Hours Sunday-Wednesday 11:00-18:00, Thursday 11:00-19:00

Friday-Saturday 10:00-15:00

Jaffa Port, Warehouse 2, Theater Gallery​


MIXTURE Gallery of Contemporary Art

Curator: Roger Omar

54 artists from around the world offer illuminating interpretations of the popular Mexican card game lotería, which involves 54 cards of animals, objects and images. The exhibition displays a new and modern version of the 54 game cards in an original format alongside enlarged illustrations of the works.


Curator: Roger Omar

Benjamin Courtault (France), Carole Hénaff (France), Lukas Verstraete (Belgium), Amanda Baeza (Portugal), Pedro Lourenço (Portugal), Lea Heinrich (Germany), Karoline Achilles (Germany), Katrin Stangl (Germany), Christoph Kleinstück (Germany), Flavio Morais (Brasil), Gustavo Berocan (Brasil), Roni Fahima (Israel), Noa Snir (Israel), Jesse Tise (United States), Junelee (China), Joan Negrescolor (Spain), Mik Baro (Spain), Andi Rivas (Spain), Lawerta (Spain), Jano (Spain), Studio Salmorejo (Spain), Soledad Calés (Spain), Chema Peral (Spain), Ink Bad Company (Spain), Javier Sáez (Spain), Carlos Ortin (Spain), Derrengueta (Spain), Pepa Prieto Puy (Spain), Manuel Gómez Burns (Perú), Martín López Lam (Perú), Alejandro Rodríguez León (México), Nava (México)

Opening event: Friday 17/11, Afternoon

Sunday-Saturday 11:00-18:00

Ha’aliya Hashniya Harbor 20, Jaffa Port

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