Friday Live -Shlomi Shaban

11:00 – Yoga on the pier

Free yoga lesson courtesy of "Prana Yoga" house

12:00 – The Goldman Brothers

 The Goldman Brothers was founded by the Zamir brothers and Lior Golan

In 2016 the band recorded its debut album in London. The musical production was conducted by the legendary Grammy award nominee and Briy Awards winner, Chris Potter. The band has been appearing in the last months throughout the country in front of a growing from show to show crowd, relaying the message of its rolling music from ear to ear

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15:00 – Shlomi Shaban

Shlomi Shaban stands out with his rare performance skills, his humor and the ability to hypnotize the crowd through an exceptional charismatic appearance.

In the show, Shlomi demonstrates great virtuosity in his piano playing while combining classical and Rock music so characteristic of his own unique style.

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