Fisherman Journey – a photo exhibition by Sarale Gur Lavie

The figure of the fisherman is one of romance in mystery, steeped in rugged intensity and embedded honesty that raise much curiosity. But sentiment aside, life itself is full of other realities.

In Jaffa, the fisherman craft and profession move down the family. Most of today’s fishermen are third or fourth-generation to the sea, their ancestors worked in Jaffa or other ports. Many of them began at a young age; they pass the knowledge to their children while being aware that many of their offsprings will not continue in their path. Either way, their ongoing presence in the port is an integral part of its humane character, showing its multiple faces and telling its political, cultural, social, and historical story.

The exhibition shows a series of portraits of the port’s fishermen that were shot with a large-format analogue film camera, alongside photos from their daily lives. The film camera creates a moment of celebration of photography, in which the ‘photographer’ faces the ‘fisherman’ in a historical moment of documentation. This moment in time registers in the endless flux of memories experience by this ancient port, the home and workplace of the fishermen, which is undergoing radical changes these days.

24.07.20 - 31.12.20
Opening Hours: