Jam 88 with Yossi Fine and Ben Ayalon

Live broadcasting on the pier, Jaffa Port and 88 continue with the successful collaboration from recent years.

The Jam 88 program will host young and veteran artists in an interview and show which will be broadcasted live directly from the Pier.

On 12.7 Hosting Yossi Fine and Ben Ayalon – Yossi Fine, bassist and producer, is currently considered one of the most esteemed musicians and producers in the world. In a new project, Yossi introduces One Man Tribe Ben Ayalon – a drummer and researcher of West African music, expert on rhythm from Senegal and string instruments from the Sahara Desert. Joining Yossi and Ben is Lior Rmano on bass and keyboards, otherwise known as the groove monster behind Esther Rada and Carolina.

Somewhere in the middle of the Blue Desert lives the Swallahi Tribe, which lives and roams between the Sahara Desert and the Judean Desert and between India and Kush. The tribe has been accompanied by local musicians for thousands of years to maintain the story of the tribe and to serve as a band performing in celebrations. The performance includes folk sons as they were passed from Yossi to Ben and for the first time in the Western world, Wallahi music will be performed, the music of feasts and Afro-Arabic weddings, folk rituals and ceremony, desert blues and universal groove. Repetitive melodies, infinite hypnotic virtuoso grooves whose sound strikes the depths of the desert and Blue Desert dunes. Yossi Fine – guitar, Ben Ayalon – drums, Lior Romano – Bass and keyboards, Ella Greenbaum – dance .

Throughout the summer the program will host: Alma Zohar, Yossi Fine and Ben Ayalon, Lola Marsh, Alma's and many more talented artists.

Beginning in July and each Wednesday 21:30-23:00

Free admission.

Photo: Ben Ayalon.

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