Nalaga'at Center

The Nalaga’at Center, which was crowned by The New York Times as “a simple, universal message, powerfully transmitted from the stage” has established itself as one of the most innovative theaters in the world and among Israel’s leading cultural sites. Nalaga’at is a unique, nonprofit culture and arts center, which serves as a meeting place for deaf-blind, deaf and blind individuals and the broad public. A space that facilitates an equal dialogue that promotes the needs and aspirations of every person, based on the belief that all human beings are equal and every person has the right to assume the obligation to contribute to society.

The center is home to the Nalaga’at Theater, the BlackOut Darkness Restaurant, the Kapish Events Center and a workshops center. The center is an innovative model in terms of  incorporating and including disabled individuals into society, both in Israel and worldwide. More than 750,000 people have visited our center since we opened our doors in late 2007.