One of the oldest ports in the world, in operation since the Canaanite period, the Jaffa Port bestows on Jaffa a historical status as a major city in the Eastern Mediterranean and a Western gateway to Israel. For thousands of years, the port has served fishermen, ships, merchants, pilgrims, conquerors and immigrants.
Over time, the Jaffa Port has suffered periods of neglect and abandonment. Thanks to a joint effort by port fishermen, local residents and admirers, and Tel-Aviv/Jaffa Municipality investment and support, the port doubles as a fishing port but also as an attraction that offers an array of cultural, recreational, commercial and tourist activities to the general public. The Jaffa Port restoration project focuses on preserving the port's history and unique nature while improving infrastructure and public spaces, restoring fishing piers and renovating historic warehouses that may be used to house businesses and cultural activities in the future.

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